Sunday, May 24, 2009

014 "...keep the faith..."

Just now I got a called from my friend asked me If I can be a replacement teacher for primary 1 and 2 in her mom's school. Subject to be teach is Pendidikan Agama Islam(islamic education). The requirement is graduate from Islamic school for SPM.

I'm shocked.

It is not that I don't want to be.
just... am I qualified enough?
It's not an easy job to teach 7-8 years old kids. -__-

But after a few taught
Why not I just give it a try.
A phrase that I heard recently from my friend, "..the more you read the more you don't know.."
It can be applied here. In learning something, there will never an end till we died. Because Allah is great. He creates a sea of knowledge thats has no end to it. We as a servant needs to learn it.

and teaching is a learning process for me to enhance my knowledge too.
God's will. I have to keep the faith in me.

note: but this is not confirmed yet because I will only finish my study by end of June. She asked for early June. If that the case. It couldn't be help.


fatimah zahirah said...

If it's confirmed then I'm wishing u All the Best :D it seems to be a good chance for addip up ur life experience. Semoga semuanya berjalan lancar :)

aida said...



Adian said...

fuiyooo ustazah iman... dah molek dah tu. turunkan skali ilmu download kepada student2 ok. hahaha

atom28 said...

to tim:
Moga2 semuanya berjalan dengan lancar. Amiin.

to Kak Aida:
terima kasih :P

to Adian:
takde maknenyer adian.

D a Y a (^_~) said...

nnti kite print n bg kat mak kite k :)

good lucksssss

D a Y a (^_~) said...

mak kite kata kena konpem balik sbb org kementerian nak cikgu j-qaf nye je....

if jadik pun
mb awak leh masuk tym bulan 9
yg btul2 nye waktu utk cikgu tu cuti bersalin

atom28 said...

ok.thanks dayah.
t paper hal btaula kite eh.

atom28 said...

j-qaf tu ape senanyer?sory kite tak tau.

hmm. ok.takpe. no hal punye.

D a Y a (^_~) said...

kite pun xtau

tp klau nk ganti dari skrg, kena btul2 dlm track j-qaf...kire mcm awk ni mmg guru pelatih jqaf la..

if nk ganti tym dia cuti bsalin, ha yg tu baru sape2 pun bleh

atom28 said...


a k i r a said...

happy birthday Iman!~

atom28 said...

sankyuu, qila!!*hugs*