Saturday, June 06, 2015

048 " the type of person you want to meet..."

Hi Everyone.
Something happen that make me want to write this.
Just a reflection to ourselves. My spontaneous writing,
Please don't mind my grammar mistake.

We cannot change other people’s mind, thoughts and personality,
as they are who they are.
But what we can do is to change ourselves and try to be a person that can influence others.
I mean to say,"be the type of person you want to meet."

If we want to meet good person, be good.
If we want to meet honest people, be honest.
If we want to meet helpful people, be helpful.
see ourselves, before see others.

Before arguing and blaming others, we should reflect back to ourselves.
Because what people do to us is actually reflection of ourselves, just that we don’t realize it.
When we are kind to people, people are kind to us and vice versa.
If something bad happen to us, We need to think back,
What damage we have done, but don’t realize it?
Don’t simply judge and blaming others.
Sit and reflect, then ask Allah forgiveness.

Of course we can’t be perfect and we can’t expect other people to be perfect too.
As we understand this, we should accept and forgive other people mistake.
We do this not because of other people sake but for our own sake.
So that when we do mistake to others, other people will forgive us too.
That is to said what we do, will get back to us.
Therefore, be the type of person we want to meet.
Even people do bad to us, still be good and be nice,
Like our prophet Muhammad SAW.

After all, we all are servant of Allah.
What we do is not to satisfy ourselves or other people but to please Allah.
We can be mad, we can blame others, we can be judgmental, we can complaint,
But the truth is, we are actually blaming or complaining to the Creator, which is Allah.
Because of all that happen to us is a test from Allah.
Do we have the right to blame or judge Allah? Na’uzubillahu min zaalik.

Think and reflect.
May Allah forgive us all. Amiin.