Saturday, July 01, 2006


what is architecture?
is it about art, science, and technology?
is architecture an activity not a kind of building?
eliminating the impossible?
selfconcious and unselfconcious design?
functionalism education?
or just as a shelter?

what is idea?
form + space + order?
human + environment + nature + culture + society?
primary elements?
point, line, plane, volume...
architecture principles...?
axis, symmetry, hierarchy, datum, rhythm, repitition, transformation...

shigeru ban, ken yeang, morphosis, frank lloyd wright, frank O. gehry, kenzo tange, daniel libeskind......
architecture movements...?
international style?
post modern?

basic skills?
drawing, conventions, abstraction, expression...
good design?
how...? think... and feel it.
or look at the stars... or sideways... and dont be shy to extend the boundary of thoughts.
start with rough sketches
and turn it into reality.

is it possible? how...?
empty your mind
fill it with knowledge
think beyond the limit
there's no such things as wrong... or right.
so just do it.

(ayat di cuplik dari montaj bdak2 uitm sri iskandar-koo mad-)