Sunday, November 29, 2009

035 "...You're Handsome.."

It's been a long time I haven't update my blog here. Since there is a person asking me why I didn't update my blog. So here I will update something that I've fallen hard for the last few weeks. XD

Something that actually I didn't write it in my blog here. It's fandom things, mostly I will write in my LJ here.

But for no reasons, I just feel like to write in here. But not that I will write again after having it write here.hahaha. Sorry I'm too lazy to write all over again. Just I will add more pictures from the Korean Drama, You're Beautiful. LOL.

Note to sis Mala:
I know you don't have interest in korean or Japanese drama. But just to give some entertainment for working people.hehe.:P Feel free to read my public post at LJ. Here I added song of the day. Hope you like it. Title of the song I hope by FT.Island.