Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Our Life

If ALLAH was to grant us 70 years of our life..
We would spend:

24 years sleeping 14 years working
8 years in amusement
6 years at the dinner table
5 years in transportation
4 years in conversation
3 years in education
3 years in reading

3 years in watching TV

If we prayed 5 Times every day, we would be giving ALLAH 4 months of your life. Can't we give 4 months out of 70 years?

Let's all give ALLAH a minimum of 4 month..every 1/3 of our lifes to learn da'wa & spread it,or at least 1/10 everyday.

LIFE is test. ISLAM is best.
SOLAT is compulsory.
AKHIRAT is for rest, WORLD is only dust.
If QURAN is in chest, nothing need next.
OBEY ALLAH first, success will be next.

by Anonymous (forwarded message)