Saturday, June 06, 2015

048 " the type of person you want to meet..."

Hi Everyone.
Something happen that make me want to write this.
Just a reflection to ourselves. My spontaneous writing,
Please don't mind my grammar mistake.

We cannot change other people’s mind, thoughts and personality,
as they are who they are.
But what we can do is to change ourselves and try to be a person that can influence others.
I mean to say,"be the type of person you want to meet."

If we want to meet good person, be good.
If we want to meet honest people, be honest.
If we want to meet helpful people, be helpful.
see ourselves, before see others.

Before arguing and blaming others, we should reflect back to ourselves.
Because what people do to us is actually reflection of ourselves, just that we don’t realize it.
When we are kind to people, people are kind to us and vice versa.
If something bad happen to us, We need to think back,
What damage we have done, but don’t realize it?
Don’t simply judge and blaming others.
Sit and reflect, then ask Allah forgiveness.

Of course we can’t be perfect and we can’t expect other people to be perfect too.
As we understand this, we should accept and forgive other people mistake.
We do this not because of other people sake but for our own sake.
So that when we do mistake to others, other people will forgive us too.
That is to said what we do, will get back to us.
Therefore, be the type of person we want to meet.
Even people do bad to us, still be good and be nice,
Like our prophet Muhammad SAW.

After all, we all are servant of Allah.
What we do is not to satisfy ourselves or other people but to please Allah.
We can be mad, we can blame others, we can be judgmental, we can complaint,
But the truth is, we are actually blaming or complaining to the Creator, which is Allah.
Because of all that happen to us is a test from Allah.
Do we have the right to blame or judge Allah? Na’uzubillahu min zaalik.

Think and reflect.
May Allah forgive us all. Amiin.


Thursday, December 15, 2011

047 "...from macro to microarchitecture, small but notable..."

I'm in the mood to write something regarding my thesis, just to give a rough idea what my research is all about.

First thing to know before we go further:

What is Micro-architecture (McAr)?
Micro-architecture is a small or mini buildings found along the roads and in urban areas such as corner shops, recreational parks, public squares, specific facilities including overhead bridges,lamp post,car parks, kiosks, pedestrian walkways and others(Azimin Tazilan, 2008). Below are the examples of micro-architecture:

facilities McAr: Bus stop

facilities McAr: Street Lamp post

Retail McAr: kiosk

Retail McAr: street portrait painter
image from random website

As you can see the image above. There are 2 types of McAr; retail and facilities. My research is focused on Retail McAr.

Why I'm doing this research?
There are few issues:
1) illegal trade- most of street vendor has no license. what is the consequences?
2) abolishment of street vendor- transferring the street vendor to a centralized hub is a failure. why its happened?
3) culture of the streets need to be conserve- identity of the town.

New Pekan Rabu at Kuah, Langkawi is a failure because there is no customer and nonstrategic location

Using Azimin S.M. Tazilan (2008), sustainable design elements for urban street micro-architecture in Malaysia, I conducted a study on conservation of street cultural through micro-architecture in Malaysia.

It has thus been established that street retail micro architecture is an important and integral part of Malaysia's city landscapes; its abolishment would lead to a decline on the city's part, as can be seen in the case of Putrajaya where there are no longer any street vendors selling banana fritters nor Nasi Lemak.

The activities of these street vendors represent the bustling life within the city; its disappearance would lead to a gloomy and despondent setting. Research done has managed to show that the street retail micro architecture need only be improved instead of eradicated. A more meticulous and universal set of planning guidelines, rules and regulations should also be drafted for these street vendors such that it may cater to the needs of the local culture without eroding it.

What its contribution towards nation and people?
The planning proposal may help the stakeholders including local authorities, town planners, architects, designers, users and local inhabitants in developing a great street towards the sustainability of the city.

That is the overall idea of my research. What do you think? If you have anything to say or opinion regarding this matters, just speak your mind, you are welcome to do so. I still have a lot to learn.

Thanks. ^____^

Thursday, November 17, 2011

046 "...the slipping out of light from darkness..."

tonight will be a sleepless night again.
I need to take five, after 3 and a half hours non-stop writing for my Colloquium paper.
so, here is an entry that I made during last Ramadhan.
I've been keeping this for so long. Now, I'm going to publish it.

It's about an article that I've read somewhere and I would like to share it.
Besides, its also a reminder to me as well. I hope this will encourage you in what ever you do.

Thus If you are wealthy, then ponder on the humbleness and generosity of that Great Prophet who reigned sovereign over entire Arabia and won over the hearts of every Arab notable through love...

If you are among the week, then take reference from the Prophet's life in Mecca under the rule of the horribly oppressive idolaters...

If you are a triumphant, reflect on the Prophet of courage and submission who routed the enemy at the battles of Badr and Hunayn...

But, Allah forbid, should you become defeated, then remember the Prophet walking patiently and courageously amid his wounded and martyred Companions at the field of Uhud, having comlpletely yielded to Divine Will...

And if you are a teacher, just think of the delicate, sensitive, and affectionate Prophet conveying the pearls of his heart to the Students of Suffa by the Masjidun-Nabawi...

If you are a student, picture the Prophet sitting before Jibril A.S at the moment of Revelation, cautious and motivated, filled with respect.

If you are a preacher, a counselor calling to the good, then give ear to the pleasant voice of the Prophet flashing sparks of wisdom from his heart to his Companions at the Masjid...

If you are left without an aid in your want to protect and communicate the Truth and elevate it, then take a look at the life of the Prophet who proclaimed the Truth to the ignorant and called them onto guidance at a time when he was deprived of all aid in Mecca...

If you have broken the resistence of the enemy, leaving them incapacitated and devastated evil to proclaim the Truth, of the Conquest, humbly and thankfully entering the sacred turf of Mecca, on camel back as if to fall prostrate, despite being a victorious commander...

If you own a farm and want to put things on track, then draw a lesson from the Prophet of competence who appointed the most able to revive and administer, in the best possible way the lands of Banu Nadir, Khaybar, Fadak after seizing possession of them...

If you are lonely, the reflect on the son of Abdullah and Aminah, their dearly loved orphan of innocence...

If you are a teenager, closely consider the life of the youth, the future Prophet, shepherding the stock of Abu Talib at Mecca...

If you are a trader set out with caravan loads of goods, ponder the integrity if the grandest man of the convoys destined for Yamen and Damascus...

If you are a judge, recall his just and prudential move in intervening to replace the Black Stone at the verge of Meccan notable going at each others' throats...

Then turn your glance once more to history and take a look at the Prophet in Medina at the Masjid'un-Nabawi delivering his verdict with the greatest conceivable justice between the poverty stricken destitute and well to do rich, as just as one can imagine.

If you are a spouse consider the deep emotions and compassion of the Blessed Husband of Khadijah and Aisha...

If you have children then learn the affectionate conduct of the father of Fatimah, the grandfather of Hasan and Husayn...

Whoever you may be and in whichever circumstances you may find yourself in, you will find Muhammad S.A.W as the most perfect master and most beautiful guide at all times and places.

(Source: The Exempler Beyond Compare Muhammad Mustafa by Osman Nori TOPBAS)

To conclude, whatever we do, follow our prophet Muhammad S.A.W/ sunnah.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

045 "...journey behind the falls..."

Today, I feel like updating from my last vacation, Toronto, Canada. Let's go to Niagara Falls. YAY!!

Niagara Falls, Ontario
24-25th July 2010

First, let's watch the video that my sister's took, it's a bit blurry. Hope you still enjoy it.

the mist is so amazing. Subhanallah. For a better video, you can watch it on Youtube.

Next, lets tell it by the pictures.

On your left is the US side and right is the Canada side

Lets zoom out a little bit for the US side

Niagara Falls, US

beside the falls is a trail

journey behind the falls

besides the US falls is a tower too

The most magnificent view is from the Canada side because you can see both falls. From US side you can't see the nice view of both falls. Therefore, they built the viewing tower.

the viewing tower, US

Canada Falls

Now, Lets ride the maid of the mist, where you diving thru the falls. sounds scarry, huh? Just kidding, not diving just ride on the boat and it brings you to the falls. It is breathtaking. You can feel the water splashing, the nearer you go, the wet you'll get. of course they provide a raincoat(or fallscoat?)

yeah! we are ready to dive!
[behind us is the US falls]

can u see the rainbow?

the water splashing

Niagara Falls at night
[sorry for the picture to blur.this is just what our camera can do]

You can only see the colorful lights before midnight. after midnight it will turn like this..

they switch off all the lights.T__T

We were lucky because we arrived 10 minutes before midnight.So like Cinderella, gone after midnight. After that, we just walk around the town.

the factory outlet

handsome car

Niagara Marry-Go-Round

the hummer

End of vacation. Till hand meet the keyboard again.
off to class.

Friday, July 23, 2010

044 "...wonderland is not my cup of tea.."

Canada's Wonderland
18 July 2010

Event: Muslim Festival

Today, we went to Canada's wonderland. There is a muslim day festival and live performance from Mesut Kurtis, Shaykh Al-Ninowy and Junaid Jamsheed at the Kingswood Theatre in Canada's Wonderland. Here is the journey to the Canada's Wonderland. :D

the subway at yorkdale

From our place we took st.patrick's subway to yorkdale. then from yorkdale we took a GO bus, straight to Canada's wonderland.

The GO bus

We can bring food from home, and eat outside the Wonderland not inside because they don't allow outside food. That's why people were picnic outside the wonderland. Everything in the wonderland is expensive. Thus, eat well before you go in.

picnicking outside the wonderland

The Canada's Wonderland. Here are some of the games they have. There is more, I just don't have time to walk all over the wonderland because it's too big. I arrived there at 1700, because the live performance start at 1830, it's late already. It doesn't matter to me cause I don't fancy this kind of game.LOL.

the roller coaster

the psyclone

time warp

the orbit
the headache robot

the pusing2

I don't play the extreme game as shown in the picture above. I just don't like it, and never will ride one. My type of game is like these game, the betting game or the monkey bear game. It's game that you play and win. Then, you will get something in return. That's totally me.hahaha.

the betting game

the monkey bear game

the sign

2 rings for $5

At the bazaar, we bought 2 rings for $5. blue for me and pink for my sis. It's a cute ring and I love it so much. and It's cheap some more. :P

the bazaar

the salty popcorn

Mesut Kurtis and Junaid Jamsheed

Here are the video of the live performance. Just some part of it.

the iPad lucky draw

the kingswood theatre, Canada's Wonderland

maple tree at night

last pose, before went out

the entrance at nite

time to sleep. chow.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

043 " end in lovers meeting..."

Harbor tour
17 July 2010, Saturday
tour: CN Tower, Harbor front & Toronto Island

It's a long story to tell what we've been doing one whole day. so to make it short, let's telling it by pictures. We use subway to Union station, the nearest station to Canada National Tower(CN tower).

the subway

the union station

from union station to skywalk

the skywalk to railway station and Canada National Tower a.k.a CN Tower

CN tower

As we arrived at the CN tower, I thought it's free, but it's not.hahaha. so we skip the CN Tower.
We went to the tourist information kiosk to ask about the harbor tour. Later, we get a ticket for the harbor tour and the city tour. For Niagara Falls we plan to drive, so we will use rental car.

the tourist information kiosk in front the CN tower and Rogers Center

the harbor tour boat

Toronto harbor front view from the sea

rogers center and CN Tower

Our captains

This is our handsome and sweet captain. LOL.

the handsome captain

cool and handsome captain.hahaha

together with the captains

Then, we stop at Toronto Island for a quick tour, to see what they have at the Island. On the Island, there is mini theme park called centreville and mostly for kids.

the mute swan

centreville, toronto islands

the games and the park

Lastly, before I end this entry. Here watch one of the activity they do at the island. isn't that great? they teach people how to play the djembe. We had lots of fun there.

one of the activity at the park

till hand meet the keyboard again. Chow.