Friday, May 15, 2009

009 ", work, work..."

nothing much to write.
so little time but too many works to do.
but need to write something in this little blog that are now in process to be updated frequently.

the chronology of what I'm doing for the past, now and then.

10-13 May : drawings, drawings, many drawings to be completed before 14th of may.

14 May: submission and presentation. After submission, there are so many things that have been criticized by the lecturer. It needs to be changed and upgraded before the internal review this monday, 18 May. *baru jer teringat nak balik umah jap after submission and plan nak g career fair ngan abg weken ni tapi nampak gayanya tak bleyla.soryla abang eh.huhu.sigh*

15 May: release stress for a while after a few days just stay in the studio to do works, works, works and load of works. Thus need some peace of mind for a while. I went to Alamanda with my studiomate. eat big apple. eat nasi ayam. eat cendol. eat rojak pasembur. eat mexican bun. eat. eat. eat. It's all about eat. When we want to release stress we eat a lot without realising it.haha. *sebab tula makin sihat dan membesar :P*

16May: back to work, work, work...drawing, 3D, 3D, 3D.. another 2 more days with no sleep.

Iman berusaha!!

archi words>>

Internal review : review by internal lecturer. that means all the lecturers from first year to fifth year will gather and see all our presentation board and projects in a semester. It will be reviewed at the end of every semester.

what can we get from this internal review?
our marks can be upgraded or downgraded. It depends on how other lecturers think. For example if we get B from our studio lecturer. but other lecturers think, we deserve B+ by looking to our presentation board and drawings, we can be upgraded to B+ and vise versa. This is a crucial time where everybody struggle to upgrade their board.


D a Y a (^_~) said...

all e best k :)

atom28 said...

thanks dayah. ^__^

a k i r a said...

It all sounds very hectic and two days without sleep? How can you do that? I can never do that T.T

Berusaha Iman! Tapi jangan tak jaga kesihatan. Eat proper food okay?

atom28 said...

actually I ask my sister is there any no sleep medicine.she said don't have but she suggest to drink red bull or livita because it contains high concentration of caffeine. so I drink it. somehow it helps. but of course you will feel tired the next morning. but many works that need to be done that make you couldn't even sleep.besides if i feel sleepy I will find any food to eat. to get my brain works. T__T

but It's not that I don't sleep at all for 48 hours. I will take a nap about 10-15mins if my eyes couldn't take it anymore.

Thanks, Qila.yes. never left my food behind :P

Tinta Penaku said...


I'm actually amidst of study weeks before my final exam begins, and I've been occupying myself with, well.. piles of notes lately. The weather is not really good though, it's getting hotter days by days, summer's approaching. Need to drink lots of water n I've been also taking some supplements for energy. I think redbull is very good for waking ur brain up all day long but be careful as your body might get very very tired once u stop taking it. Don't forget to mind over d adverse effects too OK, mate.

And last but not least do pray for my upcoming exams yeah. I'll be visiting ur blog after all this is over.

Ps: I only have mundane fs blog. Blogspot doesn't exist anymore. I've to use gmail in order to send a comment on ur entry, that's why this link shows up.

apis pojie

atom28 said...

It's ok, I just drink it for the sake of my work only. the taste doesn't suit me so well that I will not take it if I don't need it. But thanks for your advice.

wish you all the best and good luck in your exams.*HP, berusaha!!* :P

Thanks for visiting my page. you are very much welcome!! ^___^