Tuesday, May 19, 2009

010 "..in the middle of the end..'

Last night, I went to the ship* restaurant in Kg.Baru with my course mate. that end up me going back home. haha. :P

*the ship it is not real name, we name it like that because the design is like ships disembark at the jetty. It have 3 ship in it if i'm not mistaken. real name >> steak n chop.

Tomorrow, 20th May, is external review. It means end of design. Yay!~~*Mari berlibur lagi :P "

But it is not the end of the semester. My thesis is waiting for me to be written. T_T. Everything will gonna end on 20th June. Another 1 month.

Is it really end?
I don't know until my result out. T__T, what if.............err............ no if. Don't want to think of that.
For now, tawakal. Nothing to regrets. I've done my best.

archi words>>

external review
means all the students projects will be reviewed by outside panel such as the practice Architect, the board of PAM(Persatuan Akitek Malaysia) or other architecture lecturer from other universities. Here the result can be changed too, depends on their thought.


Dyat said...


ooo gi makan steak kat the ship ye?

balik nanti blanja!
upah ari tu dah tolong bawa baju.

atom28 said...

ee main tipu..xmo2. :P

MrPropaganda said...

ajak aku last minute...
siot tul...

atom28 said...

kitorang tak rancang pun nak g.
plan secara tiba2. tu yang nak ajak ko pun lambat.

okla tu. at least ak ajak, kot2 ko nak ikut cz dekat pe kg.baru ngan umah ko.

MrPropaganda said...

aku kat ukm ma malam tue...!!!!!

atom28 said...

manala ak tau ko kat UKM.
da slalunye ko balik umah kat cheras.
ala nex time byk lagi..haha