Tuesday, June 30, 2009

024 "...completing the uncomplete..."

I just came back from my grandparents house in Singapore.
It's a good family gathering on Sunday. All my uncle and aunts gathered at my grandparents house. i've got motivated a lot for what I should do next cause I'll be graduating soon.

For now, I think I am clear with what i'm going to do next.
Alhamdulillah, Allah had shown me the way. I"m not confused anymore.

Last friday, after school I went to UKM to get an office stamp for my thesis claim application. Suddenly, I saw my structure lecturer in the studio. He asked me what am I going to do after this? I simply said that I want to be RA(Research Assistant) but I don't know who yet. He offered me, if I want to be his RA. haha. I never thought of being RA to him.

For a few seconds, I thought that it is bad if it's about calculating the structure system. I am no good in that field. But then, he just asking me if I can do programming using Visual C. He caught my interest in no seconds. I love doing programming so much that I can't bear to not accepting the offer. Haha. He ask me when I can start. I just say, I can do it immediately. But he says I will need to wait until I get my transcript first or not I need to use my SPM results that means less paid. The office said that I can get the transcript by this week.

So I think it's a good opportunity that ALLAH gives me. After all, I remembered I prayed I want to work as a programmer someday. And this is it. Allah have granted my wish. Even it is not started yet. I'm getting so work up for it. It is not my real job, of course. It's just for me to have a peace of mind from design for a while. I will start my real work later after graduation. I probably hope that I can continue my master or part2 next year, InsyaALLAH.

today is the due date for UKM-symbiosis application.
needs to write a 300 words of essays, 3-min video and fill in the application form.
the vid is done. The essays needs to write another 100 words.

till then, jaa~~

Thursday, June 25, 2009

023 "...In Confusion.#$%^&*%!.."

I'm confused!

being a teacher?
or give a full commitment in my biz and preparing for next year workshop?

New semester going to start soon. and of course I'll be in UKM for a while. There still a lot of things that have not been settled yet. But I don't know, I'm in a mess right now. I can't give full commitment in both carrier. I need to decide only one. T____T

Lately, I've done a lot of thinking. but I can't make any decision. T_____T

O Allah the greatest of all. Please guide me in making a good decision. Amiin.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

022 "..ACCIDENT +/- BBQ.."

Many things happened this last 3 days. Here is the summary of what happened last 3 days:

Friday, 19th June 2009:

Evening time, we went shopping for our BBQ nite at Pasar Borong Selangor, Sri Kembangan. Suddenly, we received a called said that 2 of our friends, yin and alyaa accident. Both of them were sent to Hospital Serdang. Alhamdulillah both of them were not in critical condition. Yin having scratches here and there all over her body,only physical injuries but no internal injuries. Alyaa left hand got dislocated and need an urgent operation for the injuries at her left hand(it's a hole about 5 cent coins, so scary) + 2 of her front teeth gone, need to plant a new one. Then, Alyaa was transfered to Hospital Ampang Puteri for further treatment.For more details and pic, go here

Saturday, 20th June 2009:

The BBQ nite still go on as plan. We held this BBQ near the Tasik Kejut. Menu for this BBQ event:

1) Grilled Chicken.
2) Sweet Potatoes.
3) Jagung Bakar kering.
4) Coleslaw
5) Mushroom Soup
6) Original Chacho's dipped with mayonnaise mix with Black pepper's. Yummy!
7) Sausage
8) Rice
9) Lime Syrup Juice.motif? sirap limau suda.haha

Then, we play the dance matt. Yay!! For pictures. go here

Sunday, 21st June 2009:

Evening time, visiting Alyaa at Ampang Puteri Specialist Hospital until late at night. The visitors>> K.Aida, K.Fara, Yin, Adian, Gedik, Che'Lan, Izuan, Casa, Uzair, Aizuddin and me (begitu ramaikan?siap berkelah dalam hospital lagi tu menikmati buah-buahan yang diberi oleh tetamu-tetamu yang hadir. dengan pesakit sekali turun katil duduk kat bawah.haha) . Then, went to NZ food court to have dinner + supper.haha..

Hope that Alyaa and Yin will recover soon. O' Allah, the Greatest of all, Please take a good care for both of them and make their recovery super fast. Amiin

Friday, June 19, 2009

021 "...ON Gabai..."

I'm too lazy too update for yesterday event.
so go here, if you want to know about what happen yesterday.
thanks. :P

later, then.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

020 "...one heart..."

Last saturday on 13th June 2009, I went to my friend's wedding, Amir bin Abd Razak. He is my classmate from Kisas. Congratulations, Amir!May Allah bless you and your wife always.

I arrived late. so, I just met a few people ex-kisasians 04' also called GEN-48:

my classmate:Nazira, Hidayah and Kre
from other classes: Amin, Azree Jawa, Khairuddin

My Homeroom teacher, Cikgu Marina can't came on that day cause she doesn't felt so well. She had a fever with stiff joints. It made her difficult to move. Thus, She send her regards to all who came on that day.

Here is the pictures of the ceremony. I don't bring any camera. so , I just take a few pictures from Azree Jawa FB. Thanks, Jawa.

amir and wife

pictures taken from Azree Jawa

note: I like the picture with that little kid. Its a nice shot.

Monday, June 15, 2009

019 "..Pac_Rio matrix.."

This year architecture workshop called RUMI. The climax of it was the performance night.

Whereas during the RUMI performance night, every universities need to perform of any show that relate to architecture. So for us, we do a shadow light action(I think. memyself not sure.haha), titled Pac-Rio. I act as a PacMAn. Actually not act, I'm just holding it.hahaha.

If you want to watch it. feel free to download it.here is the link of the video that i've uploaded it to Mediafire. Even it is just using an ordinary camera the sound and image is quite good. The actual size of this vid is 1.3Gb. Thus, I already make it smaller. Enjoy!

overview: It is about a stage play of Pacman and mario game in architecture version.

Here is the link:

HQ(640x480, 84.8mb)

LQ(320x200, 52.0mb)

I want to upload it to youtube but the length of the show is more than 10mins. So I can't upload it. I don't like to upload it part by part. sorry.

this video taken by my coursemate, Adian. Thanks to him that we are able to watch it back.

Friday, June 12, 2009

018 "...No need to forget..."

There is a character in manga I read recently that reminds me of someone........

"But maybe we might meet again after 3 years, and become a couple again!" Abe-kun said.

"But You don't need to push yourself to forget it. Let it be natural,"Uehara-kun replied.

"Listening to you, My heart feels heavier..Because you had a crush on Yuririn for 6 years,"Abe-kun said.


a scene taken from Good Morning Call manga.

I like what Uehara-kun said. In my opinion, the harder we try to forget, the more we remember. But you will eventually forget it if we let it be...naturally. It's like you memorizing Al-quran but if you don't read it everyday you will forget. same applied here.just it is reverse. Sure it takes time to forget. But that's life and how human being is created. It's human nature to forget.

Human in arabic also call al-insan.
Al-insan = forgetful, pelupa.

But of course for who memorizing Al-quran(Hafiz or Hafizah) they have their pantang larang in order to remember. I just make it as anthology that people will forget if they don't maintain it.

okay, I guess I will stop my bubbling here. If I continue it'll be too long.
Till then.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

017 "..performance mode.."

Lately I'm too busy too update.

Next week I have architecture workshop at UiTM Shah Alam for a week starting 7-12 Jun 2009. Many competition need to get involve such as installation, multimedia presentation, performance for architecture nite, prhotography competition and many more. Every Uni needs to send 20 participants and 5 observer. I will be an observer.

so here a short brief of my schedule

9.30p.m till morning (6-7a.m): performance training + installation crit session + dance training.

7am-9.30pm : my own activities (thesis + surf net + sleep + eat + solat + jalan-jalan...)

will be on hiatus until the workshop is over!
bye for now~~

note: I have an interview with Kumpulan Arkitek firm in wangsa maju next monday on 4th June 2009. wish me luck. ^___^