Friday, July 31, 2009

027 "..L.U.C.K.Y..."

it takes me so long to write again in here.
so before July end. I would like to write something in here.

It's Lucky to have my 27th entry today
muahaha*evil laugh*

I'm happy right now.
something happened.
I will call it a summer dreams event.
muahaha*evil laugh again*

so just that I want to tell.


Friday, July 17, 2009

026 "...don't expect anything..."

people keep asking me what I'm doing right now. So here is my current status:

status: X-site Supervisor @ Part-time staff (x-site is a kiosk in UKM located at PUSANIKA)

future planning:
1) Further study(Master or BSc Arch@part2) next fall 2010 @ 2011.

2) Reseach Assistant (R.A)
3) Work in firm to gain experience before further study. Maybe in September.God's will.

Everything regarding JPA thingy have been settled. Now, waiting for them to called me in any post that I applied. I even applied for PEGAWAI SIASATAN. hahaha.

so thats all for now. till my hand meet the keyboard again. ^_____^


Tuesday, July 07, 2009

025 "...nothing..."

It's been a week I don't post any entry.

I've been so busy this past few days because I'm ON VACATION.haha

but after the vacation, I need to settle down so many things>> claims, SPA registeration, RA approval, my graduate transcript, my graduate status..*sigh*

Everything cannot be settle until my result for topical study is out. right now my registration status: LEWAT MENDAFTAR. That means I cannot graduate yet.

So need to wait until 15th of July. till then, I need to wait and see.

What to do?