Thursday, November 17, 2011

046 "...the slipping out of light from darkness..."

tonight will be a sleepless night again.
I need to take five, after 3 and a half hours non-stop writing for my Colloquium paper.
so, here is an entry that I made during last Ramadhan.
I've been keeping this for so long. Now, I'm going to publish it.

It's about an article that I've read somewhere and I would like to share it.
Besides, its also a reminder to me as well. I hope this will encourage you in what ever you do.

Thus If you are wealthy, then ponder on the humbleness and generosity of that Great Prophet who reigned sovereign over entire Arabia and won over the hearts of every Arab notable through love...

If you are among the week, then take reference from the Prophet's life in Mecca under the rule of the horribly oppressive idolaters...

If you are a triumphant, reflect on the Prophet of courage and submission who routed the enemy at the battles of Badr and Hunayn...

But, Allah forbid, should you become defeated, then remember the Prophet walking patiently and courageously amid his wounded and martyred Companions at the field of Uhud, having comlpletely yielded to Divine Will...

And if you are a teacher, just think of the delicate, sensitive, and affectionate Prophet conveying the pearls of his heart to the Students of Suffa by the Masjidun-Nabawi...

If you are a student, picture the Prophet sitting before Jibril A.S at the moment of Revelation, cautious and motivated, filled with respect.

If you are a preacher, a counselor calling to the good, then give ear to the pleasant voice of the Prophet flashing sparks of wisdom from his heart to his Companions at the Masjid...

If you are left without an aid in your want to protect and communicate the Truth and elevate it, then take a look at the life of the Prophet who proclaimed the Truth to the ignorant and called them onto guidance at a time when he was deprived of all aid in Mecca...

If you have broken the resistence of the enemy, leaving them incapacitated and devastated evil to proclaim the Truth, of the Conquest, humbly and thankfully entering the sacred turf of Mecca, on camel back as if to fall prostrate, despite being a victorious commander...

If you own a farm and want to put things on track, then draw a lesson from the Prophet of competence who appointed the most able to revive and administer, in the best possible way the lands of Banu Nadir, Khaybar, Fadak after seizing possession of them...

If you are lonely, the reflect on the son of Abdullah and Aminah, their dearly loved orphan of innocence...

If you are a teenager, closely consider the life of the youth, the future Prophet, shepherding the stock of Abu Talib at Mecca...

If you are a trader set out with caravan loads of goods, ponder the integrity if the grandest man of the convoys destined for Yamen and Damascus...

If you are a judge, recall his just and prudential move in intervening to replace the Black Stone at the verge of Meccan notable going at each others' throats...

Then turn your glance once more to history and take a look at the Prophet in Medina at the Masjid'un-Nabawi delivering his verdict with the greatest conceivable justice between the poverty stricken destitute and well to do rich, as just as one can imagine.

If you are a spouse consider the deep emotions and compassion of the Blessed Husband of Khadijah and Aisha...

If you have children then learn the affectionate conduct of the father of Fatimah, the grandfather of Hasan and Husayn...

Whoever you may be and in whichever circumstances you may find yourself in, you will find Muhammad S.A.W as the most perfect master and most beautiful guide at all times and places.

(Source: The Exempler Beyond Compare Muhammad Mustafa by Osman Nori TOPBAS)

To conclude, whatever we do, follow our prophet Muhammad S.A.W/ sunnah.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

045 "...journey behind the falls..."

Today, I feel like updating from my last vacation, Toronto, Canada. Let's go to Niagara Falls. YAY!!

Niagara Falls, Ontario
24-25th July 2010

First, let's watch the video that my sister's took, it's a bit blurry. Hope you still enjoy it.

the mist is so amazing. Subhanallah. For a better video, you can watch it on Youtube.

Next, lets tell it by the pictures.

On your left is the US side and right is the Canada side

Lets zoom out a little bit for the US side

Niagara Falls, US

beside the falls is a trail

journey behind the falls

besides the US falls is a tower too

The most magnificent view is from the Canada side because you can see both falls. From US side you can't see the nice view of both falls. Therefore, they built the viewing tower.

the viewing tower, US

Canada Falls

Now, Lets ride the maid of the mist, where you diving thru the falls. sounds scarry, huh? Just kidding, not diving just ride on the boat and it brings you to the falls. It is breathtaking. You can feel the water splashing, the nearer you go, the wet you'll get. of course they provide a raincoat(or fallscoat?)

yeah! we are ready to dive!
[behind us is the US falls]

can u see the rainbow?

the water splashing

Niagara Falls at night
[sorry for the picture to blur.this is just what our camera can do]

You can only see the colorful lights before midnight. after midnight it will turn like this..

they switch off all the lights.T__T

We were lucky because we arrived 10 minutes before midnight.So like Cinderella, gone after midnight. After that, we just walk around the town.

the factory outlet

handsome car

Niagara Marry-Go-Round

the hummer

End of vacation. Till hand meet the keyboard again.
off to class.