Friday, May 22, 2009

012 " one and only..."

picture taken by me

I dedicate this to my one and only little sister, Qurratul 'Ain a.k.a Adikqu. * I don't think she even know my blog. like I care?..No.haha*

Dear Adikqu, *If and only if you read this*

I want to wish you a Happy 19th Birthday. May Allah bless you always.Strive for whatever you want to be. We will support you. For today, do thanks Mama for taking care of you for 19 years. Please be matured a little will you? :P

Take care.
May you have a happy and nice day. ^_~

Your beloved sis,


MrPropaganda said...

sudah like i care now...

atom28 said...

no means.. no offense..

eh ko kat studio ker??

apis said...

Iman, I just had a chat with her yesterday. haha. she asked me to give my 2 cents for an assignment, but she didn't send it to my email lol, so i've been waiting for it. Happy Birthday to her. I know she owns a blog too,, isn't it? hm.

apis pojie

Dyat said...


atom28 said...

to apis:
haha.what type of assignment?2 cents only?? haha. you better remind her or not she forgot.

yeah. that her blog. she and my brother like to write. not like me so lazy to write.haha..

to abang:
eeehh..? sory ckit. orang tak tau pun dia buat eh. :P

dia yang tiru orang.

D a Y a (^_~) said...

bila mau datang uitm?

atom28 said...

workshop tu stat 7hb tak clap kite.
t kite da der kat sana. kite btau eh.

D a Y a (^_~) said...

orait ;)