Friday, May 22, 2009

011 " end..."

Internet connection for this past few days are not so good. especially at night. I don't know why suddenly they cut off the internet connection during night time. Furthermore there is no coverage for faculty wi-fi. T___T but it's ok, It is not the end of life. :p

Where am I?
at Duranta Studio* merangkap studio tahun 5 juga dikenali sebagai bunglow AF.haha*. My studio is called Petunia studio.

Why I'm still here while everybody already back to their hometown?
I still have my thesis and working drawing subject + work at X-site + teach science and maths subjects for stuff kids(more like private tutor).

When I'll be going back?
It depends. I can go back anytime at my convenience time. Haha..

I mean, When will you really finish all this?
Don't know. It feels like no end. after this need to prepare for accreditation. *sigh*. long way to go. Life will never ends until death. Must make a full use of it. Thus no regrets later.

-end of interview to oneself-


Adian said...

wah.. ni monolog dalaman kah? haha... iman umah dekat bestla.

eh fk-wifi ade je kan? cume die lembab sket dr kabel yg super laju tu. haha

atom28 said...

haha.lebey kurangla..ala.xder maknenye adian..mcamla umah dia jauh sgt. kat Klang jer pun..

kat juneperus dapt eh fkwifi? ktrg tak dapt pun...
cable da takder superb laju da. takdapt langsung aderla.

adian lepak kat bilik RA eh??

Adian said...

juniperus xdpt wifi. kabel je.. bile kabel hilang, barula lari ke bilik RA. haha

atom28 said...

lorr. kabel hilang ke?? camne tu bley hilang? padahal bape kerat jer dalam tu..

0oo..patutla lari bilik RA.

Adian said...

x, maksud kabel hilang ialah LAN xdapat. bukan kecurian wayar kabel. hehe

atom28 said...

Ooo. begitukah.