Tuesday, June 30, 2009

024 "...completing the uncomplete..."

I just came back from my grandparents house in Singapore.
It's a good family gathering on Sunday. All my uncle and aunts gathered at my grandparents house. i've got motivated a lot for what I should do next cause I'll be graduating soon.

For now, I think I am clear with what i'm going to do next.
Alhamdulillah, Allah had shown me the way. I"m not confused anymore.

Last friday, after school I went to UKM to get an office stamp for my thesis claim application. Suddenly, I saw my structure lecturer in the studio. He asked me what am I going to do after this? I simply said that I want to be RA(Research Assistant) but I don't know who yet. He offered me, if I want to be his RA. haha. I never thought of being RA to him.

For a few seconds, I thought that it is bad if it's about calculating the structure system. I am no good in that field. But then, he just asking me if I can do programming using Visual C. He caught my interest in no seconds. I love doing programming so much that I can't bear to not accepting the offer. Haha. He ask me when I can start. I just say, I can do it immediately. But he says I will need to wait until I get my transcript first or not I need to use my SPM results that means less paid. The office said that I can get the transcript by this week.

So I think it's a good opportunity that ALLAH gives me. After all, I remembered I prayed I want to work as a programmer someday. And this is it. Allah have granted my wish. Even it is not started yet. I'm getting so work up for it. It is not my real job, of course. It's just for me to have a peace of mind from design for a while. I will start my real work later after graduation. I probably hope that I can continue my master or part2 next year, InsyaALLAH.

today is the due date for UKM-symbiosis application.
needs to write a 300 words of essays, 3-min video and fill in the application form.
the vid is done. The essays needs to write another 100 words.

till then, jaa~~


Hafiz said...

Ur current being seems pretty hectic uh? But welldone for d achievements u've gained. Alhmdlh. Every sweat for every good deed inshaAllah will be granted by Allah with blessings and delightful success.

But always remind ourselves that all this success, happiness, beauty n health we get are actually some soft of tests from Him though. Hope we'll never forget Him. Ameen.

atom28 said...

Yeah quit hectic for this 2 weeks. and thanks to you too cause give me a lot of courage. It is much appreciated.

Alhamdulillah. InsyaALLAH. I'll will never forget Allah in every seconds of my heart beats. Because of Him I'm here and still here. I hope this feelings is eternal throughout my life. Amiin.

DeSYiQue said...

g x reu sktp?

tgk kat blog dayat k

Adian said...

oh iman.. ada berlaku kekeliruan terhadap entry yg kita tulis baru ni... sila baca reply comment kita ya.