Tuesday, July 07, 2009

025 "...nothing..."

It's been a week I don't post any entry.

I've been so busy this past few days because I'm ON VACATION.haha

but after the vacation, I need to settle down so many things>> claims, SPA registeration, RA approval, my graduate transcript, my graduate status..*sigh*

Everything cannot be settle until my result for topical study is out. right now my registration status: LEWAT MENDAFTAR. That means I cannot graduate yet.

So need to wait until 15th of July. till then, I need to wait and see.

What to do?


~cAhaYap3tUnjUk~ said...

salam iman!!~ huhuhu~ bersabar lah yer...
weyh, jemput amik band yer...

atom28 said...

slm ida.
alhamdulillah hari ni da dpt wat transkip ntuk graduate.

amik band aper nih?