Monday, June 15, 2009

019 "..Pac_Rio matrix.."

This year architecture workshop called RUMI. The climax of it was the performance night.

Whereas during the RUMI performance night, every universities need to perform of any show that relate to architecture. So for us, we do a shadow light action(I think. memyself not sure.haha), titled Pac-Rio. I act as a PacMAn. Actually not act, I'm just holding it.hahaha.

If you want to watch it. feel free to download is the link of the video that i've uploaded it to Mediafire. Even it is just using an ordinary camera the sound and image is quite good. The actual size of this vid is 1.3Gb. Thus, I already make it smaller. Enjoy!

overview: It is about a stage play of Pacman and mario game in architecture version.

Here is the link:

HQ(640x480, 84.8mb)

LQ(320x200, 52.0mb)

I want to upload it to youtube but the length of the show is more than 10mins. So I can't upload it. I don't like to upload it part by part. sorry.

this video taken by my coursemate, Adian. Thanks to him that we are able to watch it back.


Adian said...

fuyo.. siap ada LQ HQ version... haha sori la gamba gegaq2 ya... cek xda tripod. huhu

atom28 said...

tapi tgk dua tu cam takder beza pun. haha.

owh tak mengapa.
ni pun da cukup baik ader orang rakam
thanks eh adian.

MrPropaganda said...

jgn ngada2 nak upload kat youtube bagai...
kalau aku jumpe kat youtube, siap korang...

atom28 said...

haha..yerla2. tak upload.

Hafiz said...

There's no entry about Amir's wedding? Sorry, totally unrelated to above :)

atom28 said...


ahh.I forgot.haha. ok2. later will update about it. but I don't have any pic about his wedd. hmm..I will find one than later I update it here.

thanks for reminding me. actually I don't know what to update in this blog.hahaha