Friday, June 12, 2009

018 "...No need to forget..."

There is a character in manga I read recently that reminds me of someone........

"But maybe we might meet again after 3 years, and become a couple again!" Abe-kun said.

"But You don't need to push yourself to forget it. Let it be natural,"Uehara-kun replied.

"Listening to you, My heart feels heavier..Because you had a crush on Yuririn for 6 years,"Abe-kun said.


a scene taken from Good Morning Call manga.

I like what Uehara-kun said. In my opinion, the harder we try to forget, the more we remember. But you will eventually forget it if we let it be...naturally. It's like you memorizing Al-quran but if you don't read it everyday you will forget. same applied here.just it is reverse. Sure it takes time to forget. But that's life and how human being is created. It's human nature to forget.

Human in arabic also call al-insan.
Al-insan = forgetful, pelupa.

But of course for who memorizing Al-quran(Hafiz or Hafizah) they have their pantang larang in order to remember. I just make it as anthology that people will forget if they don't maintain it.

okay, I guess I will stop my bubbling here. If I continue it'll be too long.
Till then.

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