Wednesday, September 23, 2009

034 "...even precious memory will fade, someday..."

2nd day of Raya-I cherish every moment I have.

For the first time, Raya without my eldest and youngest sisters.
My eldest sister went to her in-law house while the youngest in Canada.

But still for me, it's the best Raya of the year because I don't have to think about my schoolwork anymore. No design. No submission date to rush on. I enjoyed it to the fullest. Plus my job right now is so carefree, nothing to stress on. Yippee!! ^____^V.

Besides, it's been a while that we get to join the family convoy. It was because of the restricted holiday in Singapore. They only have a day off for Raya. If first Raya is on weekdays, we can't get to join in the family convoy cause they will do it during weekends. By the time we are already back in KL. Moreover this past 3 years, there is time when I didn't go back during Raya because of my school projects.*cries*

Now that I've enjoyed it, I'm happy. ^______^

In addition to that, here some video of my beloved cousin, Adam, played the guitar on request from us(the girl cousins). He played 2 malay songs and 1 english song but I didn't know the Enjoy!
*I wonder if he joins the Archustic audition.will he pass?XD* ~___^


everjihad said...

kutipkan duit raye !

raye mmg patut best
tapi ade je raye tak rase raya


salam perantauan dr bumi canada =T

atom28 said...

duit raye dikqu ade kat abang.
so nasibla kalo abang da gune. hoho

tau takpe.but live your life to the fullest.

salam hari raya dari Malaysia tanah airku. :P

everjihad said...


apsal lak kat die?>

patut banker die mama la

awat die lak..

ish3..mmg rase unsecured!

atom28 said...

ala. you balik pun lambat lagi.
so takyah nak risau2 la.confirm duit tu da ntah ke mana2.haha...takyahla u nak mengharp sgt duit raye tu. :P