Saturday, September 12, 2009

033 "..unexpectedly good things comes and tomorrow's weather will be fine.."

My first kusessians reunion that I've ever been.

We have Iftar together at chop n steak restaurant at Seri Kembangan(near UPM). My friend made a reserve there. We gathered at UPM mosque.

It was my first time pray and break the fast at UPM mosque. They also provide food but differ from UKM mosque.In UKM, they will serve it in a tray and share it with 3 or 4 people. But in UPM, They will break the fast with light food and water first. Then, after maghrib prayer they will serve the food individually.

We went to the restaurant after maghrib prayer.

people who came: Ufairah, Dahiyah, Ayu, Ermadina, Ijok, Fatimah, Syahirah, Fiza(erma's housemate) and me

actually it was more to dorms reunion>> Siantan 3(Ufai, Dahi, Ayu, Erma, Ijok, syahirah and me), teratai 3(fatimah and dahiyah).

It had been about 7 years I have not met Syahirah, Ijok and Fatimah since I left the school end of my form 2. Their hilarious like always.I'm happy meeting all of them. ^_____^

This sunday, I also have another Iftar with my Kisas classmate.InsyaALLAH. Looking forward to meet them too. ~___^

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