Tuesday, July 20, 2010

043 "...tours end in lovers meeting..."

Harbor tour
17 July 2010, Saturday
tour: CN Tower, Harbor front & Toronto Island

It's a long story to tell what we've been doing one whole day. so to make it short, let's telling it by pictures. We use subway to Union station, the nearest station to Canada National Tower(CN tower).

the subway

the union station

from union station to skywalk

the skywalk to railway station and Canada National Tower a.k.a CN Tower

CN tower

As we arrived at the CN tower, I thought it's free, but it's not.hahaha. so we skip the CN Tower.
We went to the tourist information kiosk to ask about the harbor tour. Later, we get a ticket for the harbor tour and the city tour. For Niagara Falls we plan to drive, so we will use rental car.

the tourist information kiosk in front the CN tower and Rogers Center

the harbor tour boat

Toronto harbor front view from the sea

rogers center and CN Tower

Our captains

This is our handsome and sweet captain. LOL.

the handsome captain

cool and handsome captain.hahaha

together with the captains

Then, we stop at Toronto Island for a quick tour, to see what they have at the Island. On the Island, there is mini theme park called centreville and mostly for kids.

the mute swan

centreville, toronto islands

the games and the park

Lastly, before I end this entry. Here watch one of the activity they do at the island. isn't that great? they teach people how to play the djembe. We had lots of fun there.

one of the activity at the park

till hand meet the keyboard again. Chow.

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