Friday, July 16, 2010

041 "...The first condition of understanding a foreign country is to smell it..."

Pre-Arrival, Arrival and Settling Down
13 July - 14 July 2010
Destination: Kuala Lumpur - Amsterdam - Toronto, Canada

Flight: KLM Royal dutch Airlines

We departed from KLIA at 2315, 13 July and arrived at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol at 0535, 14th July, transit about 8 hours. Need to get back on plane at 1355 to Toronto. During transit, we just explore the airport. Later when we return, will explore the city. :D

The ticket

First thing we do when we arrived was find a place to pray. Here, They provide Meditation Center for all religious. At first I thought all airport provide the meditation center. But then I met with a Sudanese who studying in US, he said,"Amsterdam Airport is the best airport in Europe that provide this facilities. not all airport have it." . Now I know, it's not all airport provide it. The meditation is nice and big too, complete with the Qiblat, Quran, Solat timetable, everything.

meditation center


bible discussion at the back

Next, after we've done subuh prayer, we walked around the airport searched for postcards and food to eat. Lastly we just eat Royal-O-Fish with hot Chocolate at McDonald. The best part is when we ordered plain water, it cost us €2.40. T______T

price of hot plain water

1 ketchup will cost you €0.40

Even the ketchup you need to pay, I think the price rate for McDonald here is a lot cheaper than in Kuala Lumpur. Don't multiplying it, it will double double the price. Just look as a normal rate. 4 Fillet-O-Fish set + 1 Donut + 4 Hot chocolate will cost you like only RM31.65. Don't you think, it's cheap?

After that we walk around the airport. They have schiphol museum, history about KLM airline, how they started. The way they design the airport is like home friendly, you can sleep anywhere you want, they provide a mini library, shower, networking area, smoking room, you name it.

Everywhere you can sleep

baby care center

networking center

get online price

mini library

Now, it is time to complete our destination: toronto, from amsterdam to Toronto it took 6 hours. This is the plane that we board: Boeing 747-400.

KLM Boeing 747-400, the biggest plane in KLM

We arrived at Toronto Pearson International Airport at 14 July, 1800 Canada time. If Malaysia time 15July, 0600. Nothing much to talk about the airport.

the jejak Kasihan

After settle everything, we went out for dinner with some other Malaysian students here.

dinner with other Malaysian student at Indian Flavor Restaurant

chicken butter



the desert

Ok, will stop here for now. will continue again, InsyaAllah.


Adian said...

oooo dah g oversea baru reti nk update blog kan. hahahaha. haha kitorang pun makan naan jugak tp fariz je la hoho. xmampu p jauh2 T__T

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hahahaha. travel log. :P

takde maknenyer. adian, duit berkepuk lam bank, saje nk tunggu berjuta2.yela nanti bley terus tinggal kat overc kan. kite tak mampu nk stay terus. setakat sebulan je bleyla. T_____T

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