Wednesday, August 12, 2009

030 "...return from fantasy..."

after a week of holiday.
I feel good, of course.

real life return.
no fantasy.

I want to go on holiday again.
once more.

I'm still thinking of my destiny.
that put me on pressure.
So, I just put it aside.
Like my friend said," Just follow the flow".

Life must go on.

somehow, someday.
I'm sure I will find my future.


fara-D said...

yes dear...all the best.... future is yet in front of us, waiting for our eyes to 'see' it...insyaAllah, soon it will be visible... meh sama2 mengejar kejayaan...cewah!

Dyat said...

Not future. Not past.
Live life in the moment!

atom28 said...

to abang:
Baiklah. :P
but still need to plan for what to do next. God's will.

to kak fara:
thanks kak fara.
InsyaALLAh sama2 mengejarnya.

Adian said...

fuyoo asyik entry2 misterius ye lately... hehe good luck anyway!

atom28 said...

haha.tak tau nak tulis ape.
tu yang mystery jer.

thanks adian!