Sunday, August 02, 2009

029 "...ON trip..."

While waiting for the bus to come, I'm borrowing dayah's*my archy junior* laptop for a while.
I'll be going to JB-Singapore trip tonight.

today is a pre-reunion of akmalien 00-02:
event: Fatah's wedding
location: Antara Gapi, Serendah(Fatah's House)

convoyed 4 cars
people who joined:
me & my brother, 'Aqilah,Fauzan, Fatimah, Jana, Dayah, Fariza, wan, aizuddin, apiz, Shida and her bf, Lona, Mukhlis and Fana Nasri

one by one my friends got married.
and most of it is guy.
should be ladies first,NO??

so whose next from akmalien?

note: will update in detail later with the picture after I came back from the trip.the bus arrive already


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