Tuesday, April 28, 2009

003 "..clustering is no good.."

Yesterday target could not be achieved. why couldn't be achieved? There are because of 2 main reason :*muhasabah dirila kononnya nih*

1. too many cluster and not enough space to put in a cluster because of the shape have taken out a lot of spaces.*image shown is one of the cluster*

2. need to consider all the technical part such as M&E for every cluster, water supply, sewerage system, fire escape and telephone line. also 20% marks goes to sustainability of the building.passive and active design.*sigh*.. to many considerations need to be taken care of. *long sigh*...

So as today target onwards>> complete the layout planning by noon. ganbarimasu!!


fara-D said...

selepas mentarget, kau bantai tdo ye iman.... ish iman neh!!!

atom28 said...

sebab ngantuk sgt.huhu..
kalo tdo tak betul2 nanti k.fara mara. :P

xpe. at least siang dapat wat keje.hehe..BERUSAHA!!

Adian said...

waaaa saiko!!!

atom28 said...

xder maknenyer nk saiko adian.
setakat plan jer pun. 3d,elevation,section nan ado.