Tuesday, November 15, 2011

045 "...journey behind the falls..."

Today, I feel like updating from my last vacation, Toronto, Canada. Let's go to Niagara Falls. YAY!!

Niagara Falls, Ontario
24-25th July 2010

First, let's watch the video that my sister's took, it's a bit blurry. Hope you still enjoy it.

the mist is so amazing. Subhanallah. For a better video, you can watch it on Youtube.

Next, lets tell it by the pictures.

On your left is the US side and right is the Canada side

Lets zoom out a little bit for the US side

Niagara Falls, US

beside the falls is a trail

journey behind the falls

besides the US falls is a tower too

The most magnificent view is from the Canada side because you can see both falls. From US side you can't see the nice view of both falls. Therefore, they built the viewing tower.

the viewing tower, US

Canada Falls

Now, Lets ride the maid of the mist, where you diving thru the falls. sounds scarry, huh? Just kidding, not diving just ride on the boat and it brings you to the falls. It is breathtaking. You can feel the water splashing, the nearer you go, the wet you'll get. of course they provide a raincoat(or fallscoat?)

yeah! we are ready to dive!
[behind us is the US falls]

can u see the rainbow?

the water splashing

Niagara Falls at night
[sorry for the picture to blur.this is just what our camera can do]

You can only see the colorful lights before midnight. after midnight it will turn like this..

they switch off all the lights.T__T

We were lucky because we arrived 10 minutes before midnight.So like Cinderella, gone after midnight. After that, we just walk around the town.

the factory outlet

handsome car

Niagara Marry-Go-Round

the hummer

End of vacation. Till hand meet the keyboard again.
off to class.

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